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2023 Episode 2

Take Responsibility for Your Growth
By Abeiku Aggrey Santana

If you turn your weaknesses into strengths, it will give you a competitive edge and make you more effective.
Listen better because good listening gives you understanding of what its truly said.

Every week, take a quiet hour to reflect on recent events – conflicts, failures, opportunities, observations of others behavior. Crisis and special events force us to find extra time in our day.

Increase your productivity always in this fast demanding and distracting world.
Before you leave work in the evening, decide on one thing you need to accomplish the next day.

In today’s face paced world, multi-tasking is the order of the day.
Manage your stress, Stop working and have fun!
If you need to find more joy in your job, take on a new project that inspires you and enrich your resume.

Your mind is often your greatest tool, but at times you allow fear, frustration and worries to take over your mind.

Take responsibility for your growth, if your work is not giving you the necessary challenges, seek out other opportunities.
You can volunteer for a non-profit job, attend a conference or take a class.

Reflect on your growth and do not let ego get in the way of your desire to learn.

Successful people keep their minds open to new things.
When facing challenges ask questions or find new ways to solve the problem.
Ask people around you for feedback about what is working and not.

Be Better and Quality in 2023 🫶🏾

Many thanks 😊

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