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Abeiku Santana Bags Yet Another Master’s Degree As He Graduates From UGBS

Abeiku Santana has been racking up a host of academic qualifications in recent years – he already holds a postgraduate certificate in public administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, an associate’s degree in legal studies and litigation from the New York Paralegal School, and an advanced certificate in public relations and advertising from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Abeiku already holds a master’s degree in tourism management from the University of Cape Coast.

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, the Media, Marketing, PR, Tourism Consultant, Brand Strategist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist and Radio Host of Okay 101.7 FM received a master’s degree in Marketing Strategies from the university.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” he captioned his tweet with a quote by former US President, Benjamin Franklin.



Abeiku, who has previously earned two master’s degrees, shared photos of the special moment on his social media timelines.




Mr. Santana also took to his social media pages to heap praise on his wife for inspiring him into acquiring all of the three master’s degrees.

He said, “My wife is an encouragement and an inspiration. My wife got her master’s degree even before I got my master’s degree. She actually inspired me, but I decided to challenge her.”

He went on to explain how his wife had played a significant role in his academic success. “She allowed me to finish it.

“In fact, she filled out the registration forms, paid for the registration fees and my fees, and made sure that I would go to school and study. She can wake me up or set an alarm for me to go and read and study.”

Abeiku Santana expressed his gratitude to God for giving him a supportive partner who continually motivates him to strive for excellence.

He said, “I thank God for giving me a wonderful and beautiful partner who encourages me to strive for excellence.”

In response to her husband’s achievement, his wife congratulated him and expressed her pride in his accomplishments.

As part of the numerous photos he shared online, he dropped one that has his transcript that had excellent grades of his master’s program online


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