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At What Point?

At what point is one educated ? The essence of learning is to get Educated (formal, informal and intuitive)

But oftentimes people get confused with schooling or receiving education with being educated.

Schooling is one of the many platforms meant to educate people.

A person can go through schooling and not educated. One needs to be educated at the point where the individual acquired the ability to identify and prescribe solution to a problem in an area of study.

A person ceases to be educated when new problems emerge which he has no solution to it and that is why we say education has no end.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America ????????, Malcom X and Albert Einstein are great individuals who rise to prominence was driven largely by self intuition. Malcom X took a job that paid less in order that he could get more tune to study.

Great opportunities comes to educated people. If you lack opportunities it means you are not educated enough.



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  1. Abdul Nasiru Issa

    It has always been a pleasure to follow your steps because is rich in everything,you always inspire the youth to push hard and create opportunity for themselves we’re grateful for your support towards the youth of this country.
    Abdul Nasiru issa
    Saltpond zongo mfantseman.

  2. Cassandra Dzifa

    Great piece!
    Indeed, the essence of learning is to get Educated. And that can be from a formal, informal, and initiative as you mentioned. Since the beginning of time, there have been innovations by great men and women who obtain knowledge from nature and culture and successfully transfer it into different mediums such as counseling, agriculture, and create medicine, to name a few. Yet, never step foot in formal higher education.

    In today’s world, it is important to understand that solving problems required diverse decision-making, which also bridges the gap between of Production of knowledge and the Application of knowledge. Because the method of applying the knowledge is a collaboration between formal, informal, and intuition.
    Thank you, sir.

  3. Phebee Duah Agyeman

    It is a pleasure to have people like you in our country
    Your restless effort and hard work motivates the youth to rise
    ‘A wise man once said leadership by example’
    If our leaders are portray good characters,
    there’s that force to rise

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