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Happy World Tourism Day

As a Tourism Promoter, Advocate, Consultant, and Ambassador, On this special occasion of World Tourism Day, I want to take a moment to celebrate our collective tireless efforts in promoting tourism.

From the passion for showcasing the diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and the warm hearts of people from all corners of the globe is nothing short of inspiring.

In a world where the power of tourism can transcend borders, let us remind ourselves of the importance of embracing our shared humanity the practice of responsible tourism and ensuring that future generations can continue to explore and cherish sustainable tourism.

Our beloved Ghana also bridged connections with the rest of the world through the year of return and beyond the return campaigns , inviting travelers to experience the warmth, culture, and hospitality of your nation.

As we celebrate World Tourism Day, let us reflect on the profound impact of travel in fostering understanding, breaking down barriers, and creating unforgettable memories. I am honored to stand with UNWTO on this noble global endeavor on the theme “ Tourism & Green Investment “

Here’s to a future filled with even more incredible and continued promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism. Happy World Tourism Day !

warm regards

Abeiku Aggrey Santana


Managing Director
Kaya Tours Limited

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