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Legendary Seychelles Islands

Inspired by the captivating, exuding moments in Seychelles Islands

Thanks to the Seychelles Tourism Board for inviting and hosting Africa Media on a breathtaking fam trip

It is important to note that

a highly quality tourism experience definitely depends on the conservation of natural resources, the protection of environment and the quality of services that it offers.

It was an awesome experience to discover the Coco de Mer in Vallèe de Mai , Sunbathing at Anse Lazio , exotic scenic romantic bays at Mahe , Praslin and La digue Islands.

After spending time on this enchanting island with beautiful old houses , safe moorings and temperate conditions, good restaurants, accommodation options and lingering sense of tradition, I have come to the conclusion that it is hard to imagine so get down to the details and experience the legendary Seychelles Islands the way God intended it to be.

Tourism is the best ally to overcome social challenges so let’s make it sustainable

Mahe, Victoria Seychelles  Islands



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